World Ocean Day 2020 – Significance, Theme, Quotes & WhatsApp Status.

Why we celebrate world ocean day ?

As per the United Nations website, it celebrates World Oceans Day every year on 8 June. Many countries have celebrated this precious day since 1992.

The United Nations General Assembly decided that, as of 2009, 8 June would be designated by the United Nations as “World Oceans Day”.

What is the theme of world ocean day 2020 ?

On World Ocean day, people hold several events, seminars, rallies to raise awareness about oceans. But due to the coronavirus outbreak, this year’s celebrations will be held online.

The theme for World Ocean Day 2020 is : ‘Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean’

What is the significance ?

As we all know the rate by which we are polluting our ocean bodies is alarming. Plastic waste, decreasing levels of water, impurities in water, and other factors, is necessity to preserve and conserve our oceans.

This day makes people come together and discuss the innovative ways to save oceans for us and for our future generations. 

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World Ocean Day 2020 - Significance, Theme, Quotes & WhatsApp Status.
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